“Touhou Project”... A danmaku game about some girls who live in a fantasy land sealed away from the rest of the Earth known as “Gensokyo.” They have to solve the so called “incidents” that occur. It’s fun and it’s also challenging. The first Touhou game I played was “Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.” I’ll talk about each game I’ve played so far below.

- Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (2002)
There is a red mist covering the sun, so you have to find out why. This game was the first game to be released for windows and also the start of the Touhou canon. The most famous characters got their time to shine. I would say this game is one of the easiest.

And so was introduced the dumbest character in anything ever: Cirno.
cirno is stupid, LOL

みんなーチルノのさんすう教室はじまるよーあたいみたいな天才目指してがんばっていってねキラキラダイアモンド輝く星のように 栄光志望校なんとかし